Perl Style: On the Naming of Names (Content)

  • `Procedure names should reflect what they do; function names should reflect what they return.’ –Rob Pike.
  • Name objects so that they read well in English. For example, predicate functions should usually be named with `is’, `does’, `can’, or `has’. Thus, &is_ready is better than &ready for the same function,
  • Therefore, &canonize as a void function (procedure), &canonical_version as a value-returning function, and &is_canonical for a boolean check.
  • The &abc2xyz and &abc_to_xyz forms are also well established for conversion functions or hash mappings.
  • Hashes usually express some property of the keys, and are used with the English word `of’ or the possessive form. Name hashes for their values, not their keys.

            %color = ('apple' => 'red', 'banana' => 'yellow');
            print $color{'apple'};          # Prints `red'
            %fruit = ('apple' => 'red', 'banana' => 'yellow');
            print $fruit{'apple'};          # Prints `red'

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