Perl Style

Everyone Has an Opinion
Program Perl, Not C/BASIC/Java/Pascal/etc
Defensive Programming
The Art of Commenting Code
On the Naming of Names (Form)
On the Naming of Names (Content)
Length of Variable Names
Embrace && and || for Control and Values
Learn Precedence
Don't Overdo `?:'
Never define "TRUE" and "FALSE"
Embrace Pattern Matching
Changing en passant
Negative Array Subscripts
Embrace Hashes
Use Hashes for Sets
Use Hashes for the First Time
Use Hashes of Records, not Parallel Arrays
Use $_ in Short Code
Use foreach() Loops
Avoid Byte Processing
Avoid Symbolic References
Using A Hash Instead of $$name
Avoid Testing eof
Avoid Gratuitous Backslashes
Reduce Complexity
Reduce Complexity (solution)
Loop Hoisting
Break Complex Tasks Up
Break Programs into Separate Processes
Data-Oriented Programming
Configuration Files
Functions as Data
Learn to Switch with for
Switch by Using do{} Creatively
Switch with for via && and ||
Switch Using for and do{} Even More Creatively
The Care and Feeding of Modules
From Perlstyle (part 1)
From Perlstyle (part 2)