This Week on Perl 6 (6 - 12 Jan 2002)


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There were 224 messages across 114 threads, with 39 authors contributing. Most of the messages were patches.


Parrot now has primitive regex support, courtesy of Brent Dax. It includes a set of regex op primitives, including hooks for a generic regex compiler. Currently, however, there’s some debate over where match should be implemented.

Naming Conventions

One of the larger threads discussed getting a handle on the current naming convention. Or, more accurately, the lack of one. No consensus has been reached.


The Parrot community received a well-deserved slap on the wrist from Parrot hacker Nicholas Clark. A common complaint on checking out our code is the incessant stream of warnings when compiling. You’re not alone.

Parroty Bits

Dan Sugalski posted some more random thoughts on Parrot’s implementation direction. He also started on the new memory allocator, and modified life.pasm to be a new benchmark.

David M. Lloyd fixed a some problems that exist when the size of an opcode is smaller than the configured size of an integer value. (A perfectly legal scenario in Parrot.)

Simon Glover also did significant hacking on arrays and hashes.

The Perl Development Grant Fund is holding steady at 26% (and change).

Bryan C. Warnock - Notes - Regexes - Naming Conventions - Warnings - Parroty Bits



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