This Week on Perl 6 (16 - 22 December 2001)


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There were 110 messages across 32 threads, with 32 authors contributing.

The Perl Development Grant Fund

The Perl Foundation is raising money to sponsor Damian “Mr. Language” Conway and Dan “Mr. Internals” Sugalski. We’re about a quarter of the way there, so if you don’t know what to do with the $25 you received from Aunt Bertha for Christmas, now you do.

A JIT Compiler for Parrot

Daniel Grunblatt has an early JIT compiler in CVS now. Although it currently works only under Linux x86, it’s certainly an impressive demonstration.

Perl I/O

Melvin Smith asked whether Nick Ing-Simmons Perl I/O layer was going to be used for Parrot. Given Dan’s desire to support asynchronous I/O, there were several conflicting opinions. The final result, however, was that Melvin was going to start from scratch, using Nick’s Perl I/O code as a basis.


Jeff Goff has been busy with MiniPerl, one of the languages distributed with Parrot.


There was a brief debate about whether to inline or offline setline operations . An out-of-band index seems to be the current direction.


Brent Dax posted his thoughts on Perl 6’s Exporter module. Michael Schwern pitched in his objections.

Parroty Bits

The Perl and Parrot communities wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.

Bryan C. Warnock



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