This Week on Perl 6 (9 - 15 December 2001)


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There were 137 messages across 44 threads, with 41 authors contributing.

Slice Context

(10 posts) Piers Cawley gave a huge list of slice examples, wondering what the expected context would be.

Damian Conway’s first, second, and third answers and explanations.

Make make Make

(33 posts) There were several threads centered around getting make to work everywhere - with nmake being the most problematic.

Jaen Saul had not one, but two major threads on nmake incompatibilities in the Parrot makefile, causing a failed build on Win32. Both Jeff Goff and Robert Spier are working on a complete Perl replacement for the build process. (With Jeff having already committed a preliminary one.)

  • Jaen Saul provided a temporary solution one of his problems.
  • Andy Dougherty and Garrett Goebel both tentatively fixed some of the other Win32 problems.
  • Robert Spier patcheddistclean to keep any CVS-related files.

Performance Patches

(5 posts) Jeff Goff committed an early version of a Parrot optimizer, while Gregor Purdy submitted a simple JIT runtime loop for experimentation.


(1 post) Jeff Goff also turned in the aggregate keys code, leading the way for development on arrays and hashes.

Bytecode Portability

(7 posts) Bryan C. Warnock posted his thoughts on Parrot bytecode.

Parroty Bits

Dave Mitchell has finally been given a PDD number (7) for the coding standards, so they should be up on soon.

Bryan C. Warnock



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