This Week on Perl 6 (12 - 18 August 2001)


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There were 44 messages across 10 threads, with 26 authors contributing.

The Modules Plan

(21 posts) The discussion continued with talk about CPAN, namespaces, and implementations.

Perl 6 Internals

(1 post) Simon Cozens gave an update on what he’s up to with Perl 6.

The other front is, of course, code. I have started writing some code which sets up vtables, marshals access to an object’s method through its vtable, and helps you write new object types. I’m also trying to develop an integer object type. All it does at the moment is the infrastructure that allows you to create a new integer PMC and get and set its value.

(1 post) Uri Guttman suggested that some perl ops should be written in Perl.

(11 posts) Numerous folks continued the discussion on the Coding Conventions PDD.

Perl 6 Language

(2 posts) Michael Schwern asked that implicit @_ passing be removed. Damian replied that it would be, although as a side-effect to some new behavior.

(1 post) Garrett Goebel asked whether subroutine signatures will apply to methods in Perl 6.

(1 post) John Siracusa asked if properties were tempable.

(1 post) I brought up an inconsistency in the visibility of Perl 5’s my, our, and local, implicitly asking if it could be changed for Perl 6.

(3 posts) Raptor requested a way to preserve leading white space in Here Docs. Michael Schwern pointed out that this is capable with the new functionality.

Last Words

Quiet week aside, Perl 6 is alive and well. Dan Sugalski and Simon Cozens are finishing some last minute work that could be the seed for the Perl 6 internals. Larry and Damian are working on the next Apocalypse and Exegesis, respectively. They should be released in about a week.

Bryan C. Warnock



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