Perl/Tk Tutorial

Table of Contents

Essential Perl/Tk Programming
A Graphic Authorizing Example
TK Overview
A Pay Calculator Example
Creating A Window
Adding A Menubar
Adding Choices To A Menubar
More Menubar Choices
Adding Frames To A Window
Adding Labels To A Frame
Labels For Display Purposes
More Display Labels
One More Set
Adding A Widget Separator
Add Descriptive Labels
Adding Text Entry Boxes
Adding Functional Buttons
Adding A Checkbox
Initial Window Placement
Radiobutton Example
Creating A Window
Adding Frames To A Window
Adding A Status Display Area
Adding Radiobuttons
Adding An EXIT Button
Radiobutton Graphic Examples
Increment & Decrement: A Date Example
Adding A Window And Frame
Adding Buttons And Text Label
Displaying Current Date
Date Changing Graphic Examples

This presentation was created for a meeting of AZSage (see “I had been attending monthly AZSage meetings for over a year,” said Brett Berry, “and finally I had something worth presenting. The presentation was aimed at the Perl/Tk novice, and there was a whole lot of ad-lib comedy to keep the mood light, and the people awake!”

On, we are presenting this as part of what we hope will be an ongoing series of articles, titled “Source Illustrated.” The presentation by Lee and Brett is a wonderfully concise example of showing annotated code and its result. There’s no running narrative; just a code-walkthrough that is a very interesting way to learn how these examples work.

click to load illustration Lee Minniear and Brett Berry are in business together, offering the world Business Card CDs and such. Visit them at



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