A Photographic Journal

Perl Conference Photos 15.jpg 13.jpg Jason Bodnar speaks about integrating a Relational Database with mod_perl Ian Kluft discusses Perl, Apache and Java 4.jpg Randal Schwartz and Tom Phoenix during “CGI: Concepts to code” 11.jpg 18.jpg 12.jpg Andreas Koenig demonstrates seamless Web Publishing Vivek Khera during “mod_perl Performance Tuning” Graham Barr during his “Guru” Session 7.jpg Perl Mongers in Effect 16.jpg -5jpg 14.jpg Mark Imbriaco speaks about Apache and DBI. Jeffrey Friedl Master of the regex Irving Reid during “Perl and Corba” Photographs taken at the Perl Conference by Joseph F. Ryan, Perl Programmer at the National Human Genome Research Institute.



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