Easy Perl5 Object Intro

Some people shy away from highly convenient Perl5 modules because they sometime deal with objects. And while the managers haven't figured it out yet, the programmers realize that objects are too often used to make something overly complicated without providing much realistic increased usefulness.

On the other hand, some problems very much lend themselves to objects. This scares people. It shouldn't. There's a tremendous difference between merely knowing enough OO programming enough to merely use someone else's modules versus enough to actually design and implement one yourself. People are afraid of the having to be the latter just to get at the former. This is far from the case.

There isn't much to using an object module. You merely load in the library, and then call its documented ``constructors'', things that build new objects, often called new().

If you haven't used perl5 before, you just need to brush up on at most one or two new concepts that you wouldn't have seen before. Here they are:

Bingo. EOStory. That's all folks. That's all you need to to know to use object in Perl. No great magic. How hard can it be?

Here are some examples of using the perl WWW modules.

use CGI; $req = CGI->new(); use CGI::Imagemap; $map = CGI::Imagemap->new(); use HTML::Parse; $html = parse_htmlfile("test.html"); use URI::URL; $url = URI::URL->new('gisle.gif','http://www.com/%7Euser'); use HTTP::Request; $hreq = HTTP::Request->new('GET', 'http://www.perl.com/'); I am not convinced you to need to be a smalltalk and C++ superguru to deal with this stuff. But if you do what to learn more, you might check out the perlobj manpage.
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