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Happy Birthday Perl 5!

Happy Birthday Perl 5 The first full release of Perl 5 was exactly five years ago, on 17 October, 1994. (Not 18 October as perlhist says.) Happy birthday, Perl, and congratulations to Larry and the cast of thousands! Oh, and…

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This Week on p5p 1999/10/17

(11-17 October 1999) -> Introduction New Development Release 5.005_62 Unicode Character Classes Module Bundling and the proposed import pragma use fields allows overlapping member names PREPARE functions and my Class $foo declarations goto Out of Conditional Bug Regex Range Bug…

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This Week on p5p 1999/10/24

(18-24 October 1999) -> $^O STOP blocks and the broken compiler Blank lines in POD PERL_HEADER environment variable Out of date modules in Perl distribution Enhanced UNIVERSAL::isa sort improvements glob case-sensitivity reftype function New perlthread man page Win32 and fork()…

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