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Show off Perl in Plat_Forms 2012

Thanks to Torsten Raudssus, who wrote in with this announcement. What is Plat_Forms? Plat_Forms is a contest and competition in which top-class teams of three programmers compete to implement the same requirements for a web-based system within two days, using…

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Embrace the Reluctant Perl Programmer

editor’s note: an earlier version of this article appeared at The Reluctant Perl Programmer. Per the suggestion of Ask Bjørn Hansen, this revision appears on Who We Are We all love Perl for different reasons. Some of us are…

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Perl in Plat_Forms 2011

Thanks to Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ for sending along this notice about the Plat_Forms 2011 web development contest. Unlike other comparisons of programming languages (such as the great unmaintainable speed-tweakers micromeasurement contest and This Is Odiously Bad Empiricism), Plat_Forms features real teams…

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