What's new on CPAN - September 2016

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

APIs & Apps

Config & Devops

  • File::Copy::Verify copies data and compares checksums to verify the file was copied correctly
  • Get fast network lookups with (Patricia trie based) JCM::Net::Patricia
  • MIME::Detect is another file type detection module. Doesn’t seem to work for files without extensions (but checkout the See Also for useful alternatives).
  • Keystone is a Perl module for Keystone, a lightweight multi-architecture assembly library


Development & Version Control

  • Manage the underlying Git data model with Git::Database. Author Philippe Bruhat wrote a blog post about this recently
  • Wow, Try/Catch syntax for Perl that’s fast, requires no trailing semicolon and respects return: Syntax::Keyword::Try
  • Tie::Handle::Filter filters the output to a filehandle through a coderef


Language & International


  • Acme::Machi - made me laugh
  • DDG is the DuckDuckGo search engine’s Open Source components (a dependency of App::DuckPAN)

Science & Mathematics

  • Crypt::Argon2 is a Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions
  • Digest::MurmurHash2::Neutral an XS based interface to the endian-neutral MurmurHash2 algorithm
  • Generate Pseudorandom Binary Sequences using an Iterator-based Linear Feedback Shift Register with Math::PRBS

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