This is Your Opportunity to Sponsor the Perl and Raku Conference 2024

The Perl and Raku Conference (now in its 26th year) would not exist without sponsors. Above, you’ll see a screen shot from Curtis Poe’s Perl’s new object-oriented syntax is coming, but what’s next? talk at last year’s conference in Toronto. You may be wondering how you can add your organization’s logo to this year’s list. In the spirit of transparency, we are making our sponsorship prospectus public. Please share this article freely with friends, colleagues and decision makers so that we can reach as many new sponsors as possible.

The Perl and Raku Conference 2024 Prospectus

This year the Perl and Raku Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 24-28, 2024. Conferences such as this provide tangible benefits to organizations which use Perl. Aside from the transfer of knowledge which attendees bring back to their place of work, on-site hackathons also contribute to the growth and maintenance of the software stack which so many companies have come to rely on. In 2022, for example, the hackathon focused on modernizing and improving support for Perl across various editors, allowing Perl developers to be even more productive than they have been in the past.

There are still opportunities to support this important, grassroots Open Source Software event. Events like these largely depend on sponsors in order to thrive.

This year, we are looking for corporate donations to offset the costs of feeding conference attendees. Each of these sponsorship opportunities comes with the following:

  • your logo, should you provide one, will appear on the banners which are displayed behind speakers and will subsequently appear in speaker videos
  • your logo, a short blurb and a long blurb about your company will appear on the event website
  • you will be listed as a sponsor in the materials handed out at the event
  • we will thank you publicly at the event
  • if you are able to provide some swag, we will gladly distribute it at the conference via our swag bags

Breakfast Sponsor (3 available)

Sponsor a catered breakfast during one of the conference days

Sponsorship commitment: $3,500

Snack Breaks (2 available)

Sponsor a catered snack break during one of the conference days.

Sponsorship commitment: $3,000

Coffee Break Sponsor (2 available)

Sponsor a coffee break during one of the conference days.

Sponsorship commitment: $2,500

Please do let me know at what level you might be interested in contributing and we can begin the process of getting you involved in this very special event.


In order to get your logo on the “step and repeat” banner we would need to have finalized sponsorship and received logo assets by June 1st, so we’d love to help you start the process as soon as you’re ready.


For any questions or to begin the sponsorship process, please contact me via I’ll be happy to answer any questions and walk you through the process. If you’d like to discuss sponsorship options which are greater or smaller than the offerings listed, I can also work with you on that. If you’re not ready to sponsor this event but would like to be included in future mailings, please reach out to me via email as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

Spaces are Limited

In 2024 we expect to host over 100 attendees, but there is a hard cap of 150. If you’re thinking of attending, it’s best to secure your ticket soon.


Olaf Alders

Dad, Perl hacker, guitar player and swimmer. Olaf is a founder of the MetaCPAN project.

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