The advent blogs roundup

Well hello there, and happy holidays to you! Every December Perl bloggers come together and write new posts for the advent. This year is no different, and if you haven’t seen them already, here are three blogs to check out.

Probably the merriest of all the advent blogs, Mark Fowler’s has been running since 2000, and has a collection of general-purpose Perl programming articles, this year, including How to run Perl in a browser.

Perl 6 Advent

The Perl 6 Advent has been going since 2009, and covers general-purpose Perl 6 programming. Nigel Hamilton’s article about his command line searcher/launcher jmp should be interesting to Perl 5 and Perl 6 programmers.


Recently celebrating its version 8 release, the Mojolicious team are running an advent for the second year in a row on their blog. It’s not simply a web framework though: Sebastian Riedel and the Mojo team have created Mojo modules which are useful in their own right, such as for parsing HTML. There is also the async job queue app, Minion.

All three blogs will have new articles each day through December 24th. You can also jump to new articles in our convenient community article sidebar --->


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