past, present and future at TPC::NA

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m speaking at The Perl Conference in Salt Lake City this Tuesday.

My talk will tell the story of how I got involved with the relaunch of, the current state of the site, and our plans for the future. I’ll share my slides here after the conference, but I promise the jokes are funnier in-person.

I’m scheduled to speak at 3pm MDT, on Tuesday June 19th. Stevan Little, always popular, will be giving his talk at the same time, so I might be presenting to a small crowd. Let’s see!

The last Salt Lake City Perl Conference was a big success, and this one appears to be shaping up to be the same way. If you’re heading to The Perl Conference, come and say hi 👋


David Farrell

David is a professional programmer who regularly tweets and blogs about code and the art of programming.

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