Larry Wall interviewed in San Francisco

Larry was interviewed in San Francisco at Erlang & Elixir Factory SF Bay Area 2017 conference. As you’d expect from Larry, the talk covered many interesting topics including:

  • Perl 6
  • Paul Graham’s 100 year language
  • How culture influences thinking and programming
  • History of hardware and how computers are like people
  • Larry’s early programming languages and influences
  • Programming paradigms and language design
  • Types and their benefits

The first 22 minutes are Larry showcasing Perl 6’s major features. If you’re familiar with those already, you might want to skip ahead. My favorite anecdote was about the Unix community and Perl:

Henry Spencer called early Perl “awk with skin cancer”

Larry Wall

The video, slides and audio of the interview are available on InfoQ’s website.

Via: O’Reilly’s Four short links and Slashdot

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