I'm speaking at the London Perl Workshop 2016

The London Perl Workshop is a free one day Perl conference happening in London, on Saturday 3rd December 2016. Currently there are 32 technical talks scheduled, on topics like Modern Perl, Plack, Docker, HTTP2, OpenGL and of course, Perl 6.

I’ll also be speaking; my talk is Testing Application Axioms - if you curious to know what it’s about, come to the LPW and find out!

As a Brit living in NYC, I’m really looking forward to enjoying the talks and seeing Perl friends old and new. I might also be packing some new Perl Onion stickers (like the article image) … so if you see me, come and say “hi!”.

The LPW is free thanks to the generosity of its sponsors - (check them out, some are hiring Perl devs).

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David Farrell

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