The London Perl & Raku Workshop 2024

LPW is Back

We’re happy to confirm the return of The London Perl & Raku Workshop after a five year break:

  • When: Saturday 26th October 2024
  • Where: The Trampery, 239 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY

This year’s workshop will be held at The Trampery, Old Street, a dedicated modern event space in central London. We have hired both The Ballroom and The Library; allowing us to run a main track for up to 160 attendees, and second smaller track for up to 35 attendees.

The Trampery is located a two minute walk from the Northern Line’s Old Street tube station in central London. The Northern Line has stops at most of the major train stations in London, or trivial links to others, so we recommend taking the tube to get to the venue.

Sign Up & Submit Talks

If you haven’t already, please sign up and submit talks using the official workshop site

We welcome proposals relating to Perl 5, Raku, other languages, and supporting technologies. We may even have space for a couple of talks entirely tangential as we will have two tracks.

Talks may be long (40 mins), short (20 mins), or very short (aka lightning, 5 mins) but we would prefer talks to be on the shorter side and will likely prioritise 20 minute talks. We would also be pleased to accept proposals for tutorials and discussions. The deadline for submissions is 30th September.

We would really like to have more first time speakers. If you would like help with a talk proposal, and/or the talk itself, let us know - we’ve got people happy to be your talk buddy!

Thanks to this year’s sponsors, without whom LPW would not happen:

If you would like to sponsor LPW then please have a look at the options here


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