YAPC::NA 2014 Talks Preview

YAPC::NA 2014 Orlando starts today with a fantastic line up of talks. I’ve reviewed the schedule and picked out some gems for anyone unsure about which talks to attend. Hope to you see you there!

Day 1 - Monday June 23rd

Day 1 starts bright and early at 08:30 with Chris Prather’s welcome talk in Lakeside Ballroom. Larry will be presenting on Perl 6 at 10:00, followed by an hour of Lightning Talks, all in Lakeside Ballroom. Should be an entertaining morning!

In the afternoon, talks will be conducted across 4 separate tracks, and it’s hard to pick one talk over another. At 13:30 in Summerlin Jesse Luehrs’ talk on Rust, (the new Mozilla language) should be informative, alternatively Nick Patch always has something interesting to say about Unicode and he’s talking at the same time in the Princeton room.

At 15:00 in Delaney Adam Dutko will show you how to upload your first module to CPAN and across the hall Sudeep Hazra will be demoing Perl on the Netbeans IDE in Summerlin. Graham Ollis’ foreign function interface talk has a lot of subscribers; “never run XS again” is a compelling pitch and that’s running in Anderson.

16:00 brings more goodness - Scott Walters teaching how to program for the Atari 2600 in Summerlin, meanwhile the colourful Sawyer X will be talking about XS in Anderson. Later at 16:30 in Delaney, learn how to build a MongoDB web app with Mojolicious::Lite, talk by Mike Friedman.

At 17:00 in Anderson Mike Friedman will be giving a talk on “the Perl API for the Mortally Terrified” - I’ve seen that talk previously and recommend it for anyone looking to get started with Perl’s C API. Alternatively, if you’re into flying robots with Perl, you’ll like Tim Murray’s talk on UAV::Pilot in Summerlin. At 17:30 Leon Timmermans will be elucidating PerlIO in Delaney.

Don’t miss - Larry’s Perl 6 talk at 10:00. With the flurry of successes this year on MoarVM, JVM and rumours that he’s working on a new Camel book for Perl 6, there could be a surprise announcement.

Detailed Monday schedule

Day 2 - Tuesday June 24th

The day kicks off at 09:00 with some big topics: get a handle on Datetimes with Dave Rolsky in Delaney or let David Bury show you how to do threading effectively in the Princeton room. Meanwhile in Summerlin Nathan Gray is giving a non-technical talk on Scrum.

At 10:00 in Princeton Augustina Ragwitz is teaching asynchronous web programming. If you’re not familiar with DBIx::Class, you owe it to yourself to check out Arthur Schmidt’s talk in Anderson.

At 11:00 Andrew Rodland will be covering parsing with Marpa in the Summerlin room. Staying with Summerlin, after lunch you can learn how to brew your own beer (13:30) and roast your own coffee (14:00). Across the hall in Princeton, Ricardo Signes will be giving back-to-back lightning talks in his presentation “1.21 Gigawatts”.

Tuesday afternoon finishes strongly with Matt S Trout, lightning talks and Charlie Stross’ keynote all in Lakeside Ballroom.

Don’t miss - current Perl Pumpking Ricardo Signes “1.21 Gigawatts” talk in Princeton at 13:30. I was lucky to see an earlier version of this talk and it was brilliant, check it out!

Detailed Tuesday schedule

Day 3 - Wednesday June 25th

At 10:00 in Princeton Curtis Jewell is taking his life into his own hands and comparing the main Perl web frameworks, Catalyst, Dancer and Mojolicious. I can’t wait for the questions section. Learn how to deploy Perl apps with tool-of-the-moment Docker in Mark Allen’s talk in Summerlin at 10:30.

At 11:00 in Delaney Tim Bunce is giving the same talk as last year, but it’s a good one: profiling Perl with Devel::NYTProf. Alternatively Matt S Trout is giving an intriguing talk on logical / functional programming techniques in Summerlin. Finally if you want to get going with Dancer, check out R Geoffrey Avery’s talk in Princeton.

After lunch at 13:30 comes surely the cruellest scheduling of the conference: a choice between Ricardo Signes’ talk in Princeton on Perl 5.20 and future Perl development versus Peter Martini reviewing native subroutine signatures and future development options in Delaney. Peter has several ideas on exciting new native signatures features and it should be a great talk.

Sawyer X, John Anderson and more lightning talks should bring the conference talks to a rousing close, starting at 15:00 in Lakeside Ballroom.

Don’t miss - Curtis Jewell’s web framework comparison. Curtis’ has developed the same application in all three frameworks and it will be fascinating to see the pros and cons of each framework.

Detailed Wednesday schedule

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