What's new on CPAN - May 2014

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure.




  • App::CSE implements the Code Search Engine as an app
  • Run multiple apps in command with App::Munner
  • App::Table2YAML will convert tables to YAML
  • App::revealup is an awesome app that converts markdown documents into an HTTP served slideshow with revealup.js - check it out.
  • Perl’s compile-only mode doesn’t always load modules in the correct order or location. App::perlminlint aims to fix that (current version 0.1 needs a minor patch)


Capulcu::Bot is a highly customizable and modular IRC bot

Several new Bot::Cobalt plugins for:


Development & System Administration

Command::Interactive provides a command line interface for process invocation, e.g. capture a password and launch a process with the captured password.

Curses! New widgets Curses::UI::Number and Curses::UI::Time

New Dist::Zilla plugins:

Zilla::Dist creates Perl distributions from an acmeist (language agnostic) source structure

Log::Minimal::Object provides an OO interface for Log::Minimal

Add roles to Moo objects at runtime with MooX::Traits

MooseX::Enumeration adds enumerated types for Moose classes, woohoo!

Create configurable stack traces with Stacktrace::Configurable

Maths, Science & Language



Catalyst::Model::Net::Stripe provides a Catalyst model using Net::Stripe (the payments service)

Implement a stronger Dancer session id with Dancer::Plugin::SecureSessionID

HTTP::Request::AsCurl converts an HTTP::Request object into a curl command

New Mojolicious toys!:

Plack::App::HostMap can dispatch requests to applications based on host names, in constant time

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