Get 30% off the new Perl One Liners book

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Those generous folks at No Starch Press are offering a 30% discount on the new Perl book: Perl One Liners by Peteris Krumins until 15th January 2014. Read on to find out how to purchase.

The 30% discount is available at the No Starch Press web page for the Perl One Liners book. The offer is valid on both the paper and ebook versions. Just add the product to your cart and when checking out use the discount code: perltricks. This offer is available until 15th January 2014. This is not an affiliate link - PerlTricks receives no payment for these sales.

The ebook is currently available on priced at $9.99 which is cheaper than the No Starch Press offer (affiliate link). However with Amazon you only get the kindle version, whereas with the No Starch Press ebook you get it in: pdf, mobi and epub formats.

Whoever you buy the book from, it’s highly recommended. We also recently interviewed the book’s author, Peteris Krumins. If you haven’t read the interview yet, check it out.

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