What's new on CPAN - April 2015

Welcome to “What’s new on CPAN”, a curated look at last month’s new CPAN uploads for your reading and programming pleasure. Enjoy!

Module of the month

Dancer::Plugin::Test::Jasmine by Yanick Champoux provides a way to inject Jasmine tests into Dancer applications. So cool!

Jasmine is a popular JavaScript test framework, and with frontend frameworks like AngularJS, a large amount of application logic often falls outside of the vista of Perl unit testing. Yanick’s module provides a way to run Jasmine tests in Perl. He’s also written about it. Check it out!

APIs & Apps

Config & DevOps

  • Alien::Electron will install the awesome electron framework
  • palien is a command line app for interfacing with Alien::Base based distributions
  • Query FreeBSD for a list of running jails using FreeBSD::Jails
  • Are you missing all those lovely modules that were discarded from the Perl core? Then you’ll love Bundle::ExCore
  • Net::JBoss provides bindings for the JBoss Management API


  • Amazon::DynamoDB::Simple provides an simplified API for Amazon’s DynamoDB, but requires data in 2 AWS regions.
  • Another AWS project, Paws is an ambitious attempt at unified framework covering all AWS services
  • JSON::XS::Sugar provides super fast JSON serialization with fine-grained control of boolean values
  • Useful for database development,Data::ShortNameProvider will generate short names unlikely to clash with existing ones

Development and Version Control


Two new BusPirate modules from Paul Evans:


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