What's new on CPAN July 2014

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Development & System Administration

  • Benchmark::Report::GitHub generates benchmark reports from Travis-CI and publishes them on GitHub wiki
  • Augment your DBIx::Class schema objects with additional logic using DBIx::Class::Wrapper
  • Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Contributors pulls all of the author names from your Git commit history and adds them to your module’s metadata
  • Looking for a drop-in replacement for Getop::Long with tab completion? Check out Getopt::Long::Complete
  • JCONF is a JSON format optimized for configuration files. JCONF::Writer produces JCONF files from Perl data structures
  • Enable OAuth2 support in command line applications with OAuth::Cmdline
  • Pegex::Forth is a Forth parser and interpreter built on Pegex
  • Refine is a clever module that let’s you add methods to objects (not classes) at runtime
  • Use Type::Tiny::XS for an even faster Type::Tiny





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